Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Travel Green Tuesday

Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars every year while saving the planet?  Choosing your method of travel is one way you can SAVE GREEN by BEING GREEN.

Today is Travel GREEN Tuesday and we want to hear about how you will choose to reduce your travel or change your methods of travel to sustainable alternatives to reduce your carbon footprintYou can walk, bike, carpool, or take public transportation.  All saving you money and the beautiful world we live in. 

Thinking outside of the box....perhaps you can share with us how you will make your summer vacation GREEN? How will you get there? Where will you stay? How do you know you are choosing the most sustainable option?

How would you rank these modes of transportation in terms of how GREEN they are:

  • Road trip via car
  • Road trip via truck & trailer
  • Road trip via RV
  • Bus (i.e. Grayhound)
  • Air Plane
  • Train
  • Boat
  • Other ideas?

Here is a great infographic on the RMOG Pinterest page to see how your rankings measured up. 

Plus, where you stay once you get there also affects your carbon footprint.  Are you going to camp or stay in a hotel?  Obviously, sleeping in a tent is the most sustainable option, but if you choose to stay in a hotel, make sure you select the GREENEST option.  The RMOG's Pinterest board has all sorts of great ideas on Traveling GREEN.  Visit it here: http://pinterest.com/rmogreen/green-travel/

Also, to help make the right decision, check out Green Seal's list of certified hotels that have passed their strict sustainability standards.

Tell us about your Tuesday challenge activity in the comments section below.  All it takes is one simple comment on what you did today to travel GREEN and you earn a point, for a chance to WIN the Conscious Box at the end of the month.  Plus, to obtain more points, head on over the The RMOG Facebook Page and The Muse in Purple Blog or the Rafflecopter widget below!! 

~Kristin & Kelsey

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