Friday, June 14, 2013

Earth Friendly Foods Friday #2

It’s Friday, so that means you might be going out to dinner.  We want to make sure you choose a place to eat that serves "Earth Friendly Foods." 

To help make your selection on where to eat, check out Dine Green. It's a great certification company with noble sustainable certification standards. They have a website listing all the restaurants that they have certified as sustainable (click here for direct link). Now, it's a growing list, so it is not huge, but it's a start.


On Yelp you can also use the search term "sustainable restaurants" to find local places around your area. This won't give you a list of certified sustainable restaurants, so be make sure to check out the reviews and the restaurant's websites to use your judgement on their sustainability.

Tell us about what or where you are eating for Earth Friendly Foods Friday. 

Here are some additional ideas on what eating "earth friendly" means:
  • Select foods based on their Carbon footprint.  For more info, see this infographic 
  • Eat whole foods, avoid processed
  • Choose organic or local produce
  • Choose produce that is in season, see infographic
  • Do not consume seafood that is on Seafood Watch red list
  • Be a patriot: Buy U.S. caught or farmed fish.
  • Choose lamb over beef or pork (took less grain & water to produce and less GHG emissions)
  • Choose free-range beef over conventional
  • Choose free-range chicken that was produced without the use of antibiotics or hormones
  • Choose almond milk over conventional (more info here)
  • Avoid products containing GMOs (especially corn & soy)
  • Stay clear of sodas and other drinks containing HFCS
  • Avoid foods that contain HFCS (they are hidden in sauces & salad dressings, breads, breakfast cereals, and processed snacks. More info here)
  • Avoid foods that use MSG (more info here)
  • Buy foods products from known sustainable companies (more info here)
  • Choose a sustainable wine, see infographic
  • Choose tap water over bottled water - restaurants are required to filter their water

All it takes is one simple comment on what you did today for a chance to WIN the Conscious Box at the end of the month.  

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