Saturday, June 15, 2013

Entering Week 3 of Challenge with 3Rs Saturday

Half-Way Mark of the Challenge Update
Alright folks, we are half way through our Be the Change Eco-Challenge and we are picking up momentum! We are so thankful that our readers have caught the sustainability itch that we wanted to report who is at the top of the leader board right now. A little friendly competition can't hurt, right?

Now, we know that a lot of you may have been confused on how to participate in the challenge or how to enter but we wanted to let you know there are some really easy points out there that you are missing out on. 

For example:
  • Sign up to follow the blogs: A Muse in Purple & The Meaning of GREEN
  • Like The Real Meaning of GREEN on Facebook
  • Add the Blog Button to your Page (Confused? Ask us!)
  • Share a post about the Challenge via Facebook, tagging @”The Real Meaning of GREEN”
  • Take pictures of your activities for more daily points

If you have any questions or need us to help walk you through anything, please don’t be shy – ask us!  

3Rs Saturday
Tell us what you are doing to fulfill the challenge of recycling, reusing, or reducing.  We want to hear exciting new ways that you are implementing something as basic as 3Rs into your life.   

The task of 3Rs is simple, but its importance is paramount for restoring balance to our planet.  By reducing waste, re-purposing it, or responsibly recycling it, you are making your environment more healthy and in-turn, taking care of your own health.  A little effort goes a long way.

For 3Rs Saturday, and all days actually, I take my camelback water bottle with me instead of using plastic water bottles.  This keeps plastic out of the landfills, reduces the amount of plastic produced for raw materials (oil, in particular), and is so much more convenient.  The metal cameblback keeps my water cold and it has a no spill drinking top.  I love it.  It goes everywhere with me.  I even took it on a trip to Puerto Rico and never lost it.  I just got back from the pool and had to take and share the pic of it with you.  Anyone else take a reusable water bottle with them everywhere they go?

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