Thursday, June 27, 2013

Test It Out Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!  For the last Test it Out Thursday of the challenge I wanted to share with you some resources on where you can find GREEN products and services to look for and try out. 

food, health, home, body care, pets, farm & garden, clothing, travel, etc.

household, construction, paper, cleaning, food packaging, etc.

personal care, food, household, babies & kids, pet food, apparel, electronics, applicances, etc.
shows rating of products on scale of 1-10 (10being GREENest)
also has a mobile app

energy efficient products, recycled products, water-efficient products, biobased products, environmentally preferred products, non-ozone depleting products, etc.
GSA Advantage®

appliances, food & drink, clothing, decor, office supplies, personal care, etc 

office, home, building materials, etc.

Plus, make sure you avoid Greenwashing!  A lot of people call themselves "GREEN" in today's marketplace because they know consumer demands are changing, but make sure to always question and read labels.  Here are some more tips on how to avoid Greenwashing

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