Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BTC Eco-Challenge: Travel Green Tuesday

Today is Travel Green Tuesday!

Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars every year while saving the planet?  How much is a gallon of gas in your area?  Here in Denver a gallon of gas is $3.71 on average.  And the average American drives 33.4miles per day.  Add in your car's fuel efficiency....and you can do the math.  In fact, most American's spend an average of $2,000 per year on gas (that's $38 per week!).  See the fun infographic on gas prices here.

Instead of burning money (literally & figuratively), you can choose sustainable alternative mode of transportation.  You can walk, bike, carpool, take the train or bus. All saving you money and the beautiful world we live in.

How about a nice way to reduce stress and gain some exercise?  Or relax and read that book you’ve always wanted to catch up on, while taking the train?

By using alternative GREEN modes of transportation, air pollution and traffic congestion are reduced - these things benefit everyone.

If you have to take your car, the Be The Change Eco-Challenge wants you to think of a way to maybe take one less trip today, or combine all of your trips into one. Can you walk to work today, it’s June, so maybe the weather is nice?

Everyday we are trying to get you to think a little bit outside of the box.  Need help, ask!  Got a question, ask!  We are all in this together!

Tell us about your Tuesday challenge activity in the comments section below (if you don't have blogger login, be sure to leave the comment with your name or email address).  All it takes is one simple comment on what you did today to travel GREEN and you earn a point, for a change to WIN the Conscious Box at the end of the month.  Plus, to obtain more points, head on over the The RMOG Facebook Page and The Muse in Purple Blog or the Rafflecopter widget below!! 

~Kristin & Kelsey

Next Up Tomorrow: Waste Not, Want Not Wednesday

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  1. One way to travel green is to avoid travel altogether: think of moving closer to where you work. Today, CelloDad ran out of bread. I could bike to the store for a loaf - or I could bake one. Gluten-free breads need no kneading: it's less work to make one than to bike to the store.

    Between being a mile-miser, and driving a (relative) gas sipper, I see the gas station about once a month. I like it that way: I think the price of gas will only go one way: up.

  2. Hi Cello Mom, thank you so much for the comment and the wonderful tips on how to make your travel more GREEN! I agree, you shouldn't run out unless you have to. See what supplies you have at home and make due until you can combine a few errands in one trip. I am also glad to hear that you only have to fill your tank once per month, that is great! I live only a few miles from my work, so I have the luxury of only having to full my tank every 2 weeks or so.

    Today I chose to carpool to work to fulfill the Travel Green Tuesday challenge. I try to on any days that I don't have extra errands to run at work during my lunch hour.

  3. Today, I'm going to walk to lunch and then after work, I'll walk to Sam's club. Even in this heat! Gotta get my exercise! :)