Saturday, June 22, 2013

3Rs Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!

I apologize for the last post, it has been a long week and I needed some R&R on this fine Saturday morning.  I hope you all are enjoying the weekend so far as well.

For my activity, I chose to test out this tip I saw on Pinterest about restoring old cookie sheets.  I have this one that is so old and nasty that it is not usable, for cookies at least, as it is so caked on with grease and gook.  My husband still uses it for bacon and such that he cooks for himself.  I have tried to clean it with an SOS pad, brillo...you name it, and I thought it was beyond restore.   I thought it would have to be thrown away or recycled, but alas....that is until I saw this Pin on Pinterest. 

I was still skeptical because I know I have had this cookies sheet for YEARS!  But I decided to give it a try anyway.  All I had to lose was a half container of baking soda and half container of peroxide.  So yep, that is all I did, coated the sheet in a small layer of baking soda and then slowly poured the peroxide on it until all the baking soda was wet.  I kept staring at it last night, thinking it would change right before my eyes, but nothing happened.

But viola, I wake up this morning and I see that it has worked it's magic.  It is still working it's magic, it seems, so here is a half-way picture from my own kitchen for now.  I forgot to take a before picture of the sheet, but I will post a picture of the "after" tomorrow.

It's pretty gross looking right now, but I can start to see gray come live in the cookie sheet that I thought would be forever a dark brown grease color until eternity.

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