Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Friends of The RMOG

The three managers of The Real Meaning of GREEN conduct a whole lot of research in order to provide you with comprehensive information on sustainability related issues and initiatives.  We keep up with what other GREEN organizations around the world are doing to make this world a better place and we love to share their achievements with you.

Our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real-Meaning-of-GREEN/114056485299075) is a great way to see what organizations we follow.  By using the "Likes" feature on Facebook you can browse through these organizations. See the image below for what it looks like on the main RMOG page. 

 You may wonder why The RMOG has many hotels and resorts listed here.  All of these hotels & resorts are Green Seal Certified.  Green Seal is one of the most reputable GREEN certifications in the country and in the world.  They are completely non-profit and are based out of Washington D.C.  They use science based standards to certify products and services.  So, if you see the Green Seal on a product or service (such as these hotels) you know that they have practices in place that support the environment and social matters to the utmost level. Read more about their certification processes by visiting their website: www.greenseal.org

On Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/rmogreen), you can find hotels pinned as well, along with other GREEN services and products.  Peruse through the "GREEN Products" board and the "GREEN Travel" board and click on the pictures to link directly to the source of the image.

The RMOG is happy to support and promote hotels, products, and other services that do well to protect and heal our world.  We hope you find these sections helpful.

If you have any organizations, products, or services that you feel we should be following please leave comments below or you can send us your suggestions using the private message feature on our Facebook page or by emailing us at rmogreen@gmail.com

Blogs Topics Coming Up Soon....(stay tuned and check back)
  • The Best Travel Booking Sites for Sustainability
  • Water & The Tragedy of the Commons

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