Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get to Know the Team Behind the RMOG

The RMOG started in May 2010 as a Facebook page and eventually expanded to a blog and Pinterest.  RMOG has over 1700 followers on Facebook (or as we like to call them, “RMOG Advocates”).

The team behind the RMOG includes Kristin McGinnis-Salazar, Jessica Nuckles-Wright, and Sage Ashcroft - three intelligent and savvy ladies that are compassionate about sustainability and making this a better world for us all.

Kristin McGinnis-Salazar

Kristin McGinnis-Salazar is the Creator, Founder, and President of The Real Meaning of GREEN (RMOG).

Kristin’s passions in sustainability began at a young age. With concerns of depleting rainforests, recycling, endangered animals, and hunger in Africa when only in grade school, Kristin began to do what she could with volunteer work, fundraising, and charity work through her church.  These passions continued into her adult life.

Kristin has an MBA in Business Sustainability with a concentration in Natural & Organic Resources and a BS in Hospitality Management. Being in the hospitality and restaurant industry for over 10 years, Kristin’s primary expertise and GREEN motivations are on healthy/sustainable eating and sustainable food production. Interconnected, she also has strong interests in animal welfare and the overall health of our soil and other natural resources. Kristin also keeps up to date with the progress of the energy industry, including oil dependence and alternative energy sources.

Kristin’s believes in promoting sustainability on a practical level for all – from businesses to homemakers to low-income families to average individuals. Sustainable practices can and should be applied by everyone as a holistic goal of protecting the planet for future generations.

When Kristin is not at her full-time job or managing RMOG, she works as a Marketing Intern/Consultant for Green Seal, a non-profit green certification company based out of Washington D.C.  

Visit Kristin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmcginnis1026

Jessica Nuckles-Wright

Jessica became a manager for the RMOG in December of 2010 after befriending Kristin through the social network, Facebook. Reluctant at first, she thought even if her contribution was minor, it could possibly make an impact somewhere or with someone causing a change in daily practices or pressure against the status quo.

Jessica’s primary passions include her four children and protecting indigenous cultures as cultural diversity is directly linked to biodiversity along with all this encompasses. She takes an ecocentric approach in which humans are only one part of the complicated system that is the earth and everything has intrinsic value, nothing is autonomous and everything is connected. She can be considered a modern day hippie that lives in suburbia without a vehicle or a cell phone.

Jessica is finishing her bachelors in Environmental Studies and hopes to continue on in environmental law eventually focusing on environmental anthropology.  Jessica believes that fear, ignorance, and apathy are the greatest plagues of modern humans and does all she can to fight against these.

Sage Ashcroft

Sage became a manager for the RMOG in 2011 after her and Jessica became friends through Facebook; at the time Sage was in her senior year working on the same degree Jessica is currently finishing. Sage has a BA in Environmental Studies and plans on continuing in either environmental policy and public affairs or sustainability science. She has been an avid advocate for animals and nature since she was a child; her natural instincts have always been to protect this planet and live in harmony with the natural world, she's never felt a disconnection with nature like most people do. Sage has always understood that each one of us has a responsibility to take care of this planet, and also understands that humans share the Earth with millions of other species.

Sage is an active member of the animal rights community focusing on educating people about modern, ethical non-animal based research as well as anti-fur/anti-poaching and the benefits of a primarily plant-based diet. She is particularly focused on species preservation and is an active member of organizations fighting to save endangered species.  Locally, Sage volunteers with various non-profit organizations working on issues which include pet overpopulation, water conservation, and sustainable living.

Sage has recently become the founder of her own non-profit organization, Sir Simon Donovan's Gleaming Auctions, after hosting her first major fundraising event last year which proved to be highly successful.

Like Jessica and Kristin, Sage holds the same core values, believing each individual can make a positive difference in the world. She hopes through the combined efforts of all three of us, we can not only educate people, but also inspire them in taking an active role to help keep this beautiful planet healthy, so in turn we can all live a healthy life; every species included.

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