Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to The RMOG!

I (Kristin McGinnis) started The RMOG on this day three (3) years ago, in 2010.  What began as merely a Facebook page to increase awareness on environmental issues and to discuss the increasing use of the "Go Green" tagline, is now also a blog and a Pinterest page.  

I started the page shortly after the horrific events of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I was heartbroken by the disaster.  I started to collect pet and human hair to send to the cause, as they were using the hair to clean/soak up the oil by placing it inside of pantyhose.  The entire event reawakened by deep passions for sustainability, and from there the Facebook page took off!

Three years later, the landscape surrounding the term "green" and "sustainability" has completely changed.  We now see the word "green" everywhere - on packaging, on buildings, on marketing materials, on corporate reports, etc.  Being green is now mainstream and we are starting to see positive change all over the country, and the world.  All of this began because of common people spreading the importance of living a sustainable life.  And many thanks to social media.

I have met so many wonderful, altruistic people through my involvement with RMOG on Facebook.  Namely: Rita Hicks, Cherri Little Megasko, Aquaman Ocean Defender, Rich Gately, Catherine Garneau, and countless more. 

Most importantly, I connected with Jessica Nuckles-Wright and Sage Ashcroft.  Jessica joined to help manage the RMOG Facebook page in December of 2010, followed by Sage in 2011.  Without these two amazing women, we would not be where we are today.

There are many exciting things in store for The RMOG.  We plan to continue and expand our blog and Pinterest page, as well as keep up with the education and awareness on our Facebook page.  We also plan to start branding some products for give-aways and for sale (proceeds to be donated) and hope to launch this by the end of 2013.  Please also stay tuned in May for the release of some exciting RMOG education materials.

In honor of our 3rd Birthday, we also now have a permalink for our RMOG Facebook page.  You can now find us easily with the following link: https://www.facebook.com/the.rmog

We wanted to use our "rmogreen" alias as we have with our blog, email, and Pinterest page, but unfortnately this alias is already taken by another Facebook member, and after many failed attempts to contact this person, we decided on a different alias for Facebook.

A million thanks to all of those that continue to support us and our mission.  All of us ARE making a difference for Mother Earth, the sustainability movement, and for future generations.  Jessica, Sage, and I all appreciate each and every one of you immensely!  Every time you "like" or share a post from our Facebook page or repin an image on Pinterest, you ARE making a difference.  It all starts educating yourself and spreading the word so others understand the intrinsic importance of living a sustainable life.  

Again, a very Happy Birthday to The RMOG!  I look forward to speaking, learning, and collaborating with you in the years to come!


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