Sunday, September 12, 2010

Major Issues Affecting Our Planet

So this can seem over-whelming and all "gloom & doom", but it is our reality. It is THE REALITY of what humans have done to our planet and environments. The fact that we shouldn't eat meat due to its environmental impacts, shouldn't eat fish due to over-fishing, shouldn't take a bath b/c its wasting water, shouldn't drive due to using too much oil and polluting the air with greenhouse gasses, shouldn't buy bottled water because of our plastic usage, etc, etc, etc....are all a sad fact that WE HAVE BROUGHT THIS UPON OURSELVES. The challenges ahead ARE overwhelming, but we need to restrict ourselves in these vital hours, ENCOURAGE CHANGE among the GREEDY (read: big businesses and governments who listen to supply & demand), and the uneducated who can't vote (read: those who have little $ to "vote" with). 

Please NOTE: This is a work in progress, but I welcome your comments at any time. I will re-post on page as I add additional information. I have a lot to add, but so much good info already that I don't want to have to wait to share <3  Your feedback is welcome!

~These Issues are in no particular order.  But keep in mind that most, if not all, of these issues are related directly or in-directly to each other, so they all have very just importance

**Pesticide Use**
-how can foods treated with pesticides be safe for human consumption when the people who spray pesticides must be masked and suited from head to toe with proctetive gear?
(Watch: The World According to Monsanto, Home)

**Consumption of Meat**
-Concentration Camp-Style raising of livestock
-Livestock alarmingly susceptible to disease due to factory farming (and not eating grass as nature intended) and thus given antibiotics
-Livestock given antibiotics, making humans less susceptible to antibiotics and making the bacteria stronger
-Livestock given steroids which is harmful to humans
-Inhumane raising of livestock creates toxic water and land pollution
-2,500 gallons of water used to raise 1lb of meat (contributing to water crisis)
-Forests cleared to raise livestock (contributing to deforestation)
-Forests cleared to grow grain for livestock consumption (contributing to deforestation)
-CO2 is bi-product from cattle and other livestock, polluting air

(Watch: Food Inc, Home.  Read: Skinny Bitch)

**Oil & Over-Use of Fossil Fuels**
-Oil can be reffered to as a "Pocket of Sunlight", explaining its power yet its precious-ness
-Oil used to make toxic plastic that harm the health of humans
-Bi-product polution form the creation of plastic
-Bi-product pollution from the recycling of plastic
-Plastic made from oil fills our landfils
-Air Pollution caused by Oil bi-product CO2
-Land and water pollution caused by oil spills (contributing to water crisis, fishing levels)
-Los Angeles: # of cars =  # of inhabitants
-What will happen when the oil runs out and we are not ready????
(Watch: Fuel, Home)

**Water Crisis**
-by 2025, 2 billion people will be affected by water shortage
-Pollution: Only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water and much of it is polluted. Many large corporations are the biggest polluters and it is claimed that many pollute deliberately so they can make money on their expensive technologies to clean it up.
-Water Privatization is also a huge issue: water for capital is a growing concern in many countries and a long-time reality for many in the third-world in particular, where citizens are being forced to pay for clean water that was once accessible in their own villages.
-Global Warming: Climate change and increasing global temperatures are melting glaciers at an alarming rate. Many villages and countries have relied on these water sources for centuries and in many places there will be no water supply left in the coming years.
-Wells: Wells are drying all over the world at alarming rates
-Wells are replenished by fossil fuel waters.  Wells enable crops to be grown in desert climates.
-In India 30% of wells have been abandoned.  India is predicted to suffer most from lack of water.
-Colorado River no longer reaches the sea due to over-consumption of water
-Deforestation prevents rainwater from purifying by running its natural course along the Humus (earth) and gathering precious minerals
-Wars: "Wars of the future will be fought over water, as they are over oil today, as our Blue Gold, the source of human survival, enters the global marketplace and political arena as a commodity to be sought out, fought over, and conquered...".
-Conflict (war) areas for water are: Brazil, Canada, and Russia.
(Watch: Blue Gold, Home)

-CO2 is bi-product of the machinery used to clear these forests
-Removing trees from the environment reduces the amount of CO2 that can be converted to O2 by these trees
-Deforestation prevents rainwater from purifying itself by running its natural course along the Humus (earth)
-Deforestation causes erosion of the earth (permanent in many areas), where water will not permeate and roots will not grow
(Watch: Home)

-By the end of the century mining will exhaust all of our precious resources
(Watch: Home)

-Creates mutant organisms and dangerous mutating genes (including virus' & baceteria)
-Creates pollen pollution
-Contaminates pristine, natural crops (perhaps to extinction)
(Watch: The World According to Monsanto)

**Climate Change**
(Watch: 11th Hour, An Inconvenient Truth, Home, Blue Gold)

**Consumption Rates**
-Americans consume 1/2 billion bottles of water on a weekly basis
-The average family consumes 700 gallons of water per week
-The junk mail Americans receive in one day could heat over 250,00 homes in the winter
-90% of trade is by sea
(Watch: Blue Gold, Home)

-Fishing rates have increased 5 fold since 1950
-We are exhausting most fish populations
-Many sea mammals and birds are dying of starvation because we are depleting their food-source (fish)
-Fishing fleets are at least two to three times as large as needed to take present day catches of fish and other marine species
(Watch: Home)

**Erosion of Soil**
-Soil indispensable to life
-All land on earth is linked
-Agriculture changed the relationship between animals and land
-Prevents rainwater from purifying itself by running its natural course along the Humus (earth) and gathering precious minerals
(Watch: Home)

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